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Moonlight Arch LED Lash Light 28"

Moonlight Arch LED Lash Light 28"

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The must-have, sell-out beauty light that EVERYONE wants.

If you do lashes, brows, facials etc - this is the "IT" light to have.


Do you want better quality photos to show your work with no shadows or flickering?

Are you needing a light that fully illuminates your clients whole face from all angles?


Our 28" arched LED Moonlight will do all that plus more.


Say goodbye to unstable ring lights and shadows!

Our revolutionary Moonlight is lighter and sturdier than other traditional lamps.

Up to 180cm height and 28" light diameter.

Brighter lighting to illuminate your entire workspace that can be swivelled 360 so no angle is left untouched. Zero heat emissions, adjustable temperature control and a 1 touch dimmer to increase or lower brightness.

Get perfect photos evey time with no shadows!


Height adjustable stand with a square, metal, weighted base.

Height adjustable up to 180cm!


Unlike other similar lamps on the market, ours are made of metal and not plastic. Even the height adjuster and swivel features are made of metal to withstand wear and tear. Other lights have plastic knobs which break quickly.

Our lights boast a 28" arch of pure LED lighting - bigger than other competitors who only have 22" or 24". This will ensure your work space is fully lit up and provide an easier service.



Comes in black or white to compliment your salon interior perfectly!



All sale items are final.



Comes with 1 year warranty


EU and UK plug available




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