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Bundle Curved Lash Bed Mattress Topper SET

Bundle Curved Lash Bed Mattress Topper SET

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Your clients will fall asleep in less than 12 minutes!


Curved to contour to the body and made from 100% high grade memory for the best support and comfort of your clients.

Comfortable clients = no fidgeting clients meaning you can work more easily and for longer without interruptions while the client lash naps peacefully.

One of the best purchases you can make for your lash/beauty salon!

The curved memory foam mattresses sit ontop of your current beauty/massage couch and instantly change the aesthetic of your space.

Our toppers raise the head of your client and puts them in the perfect position for you to lash. You will have better posture and less back ache. 

The mattresses are 60cm wide, giving you ample room to lay your lash trays next to the clients head for even easier lashing - to make it even easier you can purchase our shelf attachment which simply slide on to the head of the mattress and provides a stable, solid surface to pick up lashes and create fans. The shelf attachments are magnetic to make sure your tweezers are safe and never drop!


Perfect for pregnant clients and those who suffer with back pain.

Available in various colours so you can create the aesthetic you want.


Removeable and washable cover - for extra protection buy our PVC head and foot protectors.


Size: 180cm x 60cm - will fit most standard massage and beauty couches







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1 x curved lash bed mattress (with velvet cover)

1 x matching couch/bed cover 




ATTENTION -  this item comes vacuum packed. Once unpackaged, lay flat and leave for 2-12 hours to fully re-shape.

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